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MgF2 Crystal (Magnesium Fluoride)

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Magnesium Fluoride or MgF2 is grown by vacuum Stockbarger technique in ingots approximately 120mm in diameter. It is a positive birefringent crystal with high optical transmittance from the vacuum ultraviolet to the infrared spectrum region. It is resistant to mechanical and thermal shock, to radiation, and is chemically stable.

MgF2 transmits well into the VUV region at the hydrogen Lyman-alpha line (121nm)and beyond. It is also used for most UV optics and is excellent for eximer laser application.

Physical Properties  
Solubility at 18�C    0.0076g (per 100g water)
Structure                            Tetragonal
Lattice constant            a=4.621; c=3.053
Density                                3.18g/cm3
Hardness                             6 Mohs
Melting point                    1255�C   
Transparency range    0.12 ~ 8.5μm
Thermal conductivity  3.14W/m�K
Expansion coefficient  ||C: 14.3  ;   C:  9.15 (10-6/K)


Index of Refraction
Wavelength (nm)  no  ne Wavelength (nm) no ne
178   1.43975 1.45365 656            1.37661    1.38835
436  1.38203 1.39402  1000          1.37964 1.38521
488 1.38016 1.39206 2000          1.36800 1.37922
546 1.37855 1.39039 3000          1.36000  1.37060
588  1.37770 1.38960   5000          1.33020 1.33930



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