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a-BBO (BaB2O4) Crystal

Crystals >>> Birefrigent Crystals >>>  a-BBO (BaB2O4) Crystal

High temperature phase of a-BBO Crystal(BaB2O4) is an excellent birefrigent crystal.  It is characterized by large birefringent coefficient and wide transmission window ranged from 189nm to 3500nm.  Because of its high chemical stability and medium hardness, a-BBO is easy to be fabricated into many kinds of optical components.
Main Specifications  
Diameter max 40 ~ 50mm
Length max 25 ~ 35mm
Beam Deviation < 3 arc min
Optical Axis Orientation +/-0.5o
Flatness λ/4 @632.8nm
Transmission wavefront distortion <λ/2 @632.8nm
Coating:  Per customer's specification


Physical and optical properties:  
Transparency range 189-3500nm
Density 3.85g/cm3
Therm-optic coefficients dno / dT = -9.3 X 10-6 / �C
dne / dT = -16.6.3 X 10-6 / �C
Optical homogeneity Δn≈10-6/cm
Damage threshold 1 GW/cm2 at 1064nm500 MW/com2 at 532nm
Hygroscopic susceptibility Low
Thermal expansion coefficients
aa = 4 X 10-6 / K
ac = 4 X 10-6 / K
Linear absorption coefficients a<0.005cm-1 from 300nm to 2300nm
Refractive indices, birefringence
(Δn=ne-no) and walk-off angle at 45�C
ne=1.58462, no=1.65790, Δn=-0.073282; ρ=-4.9532o at 1064nm
ne=1.60206, no=1.67755, Δn=-0.075491; ρ=-5.0407o at 532nm
ne=1.67190, no=1.76171, Δn=-0.089805; ρ=-5.6926o at 266nm



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